The Club with the "Dash"!

Name Chairs Description
Agriculture and Conservation
Johnson, David
Meets as needed
Board of Directors
Raiborn, Kathleen
Officers of the Club plus members at large
Community and Youth Outreach
Raiborn, Kathleen
Day Treatment School, Camp Big Sky and other volunteer activities.
Executive Committee
Raiborn, Kathleen
President President Elect Vice President Treasurer Secretary Immediate Past President
Finance Committee
Semmens, Bill
Jenkin, Marlys
The President-Elect and the Treasurer are co-chairpersons of this committee. This committee is responsible for fundraising. The President-Elect oversees and assists in the development of any fund raising initiatives -- large or small.
Grants Committee
Deissler, Jan
This committee meets as needed to award grants to community applicants.
Inter-Club Committee
Meils, Shirley
Jordan, Rod
Organizes inter-club meetings with other area clubs. Three or more members must attend to be an inter-club
Lend a Hand Committee
Jenkin, Marlys
Meets as needed
Membership Growth and Education
Heien, David
The Vice President is chair of this committee
Nominating Committee
Emanuel, Joseph
The Immediate Past-President serves as chair and appoints a committee
Program Committee
Deissler, Jan
Selects and confirms weekly speakers. Notifies the PR Committee.
Public Relations
Day, John
Pendergast, Linda
This is a two pronged committee: Internal and External. Both work closely with the Program Committee. The Internal PR member is responsible for meetings/events on the website and notifying members of meetings, events and speakers. Also posts on Facebook and sends notifications to newspapers as well as to the District Paper. The External PR member is responsible for setting up interviews to promote our club activities and fundraisers.
Special Committee Fundraising: Cheese
Swearingen, Michael
Turner, Terry
plans, organizes and implements cheese sales
Special Committee: 4-H Award
Taylor, Shannon
meets as needed
Special Committee: Loaves and Fishes
Emanuel, Joseph
In conjunction with First United Methodist Church -- to feed the homeless community
Special Committee: Review of Financial Policy Manual
Semmens, Bill
Review of Financial Policy Manual
Special Committee: Social Committee
Deissler, Jan
Plans, organizes and implements social events for club membership
Sponsored Youth
Raiborn, Kathleen
Key Clubs, Builders' Club, Scholarships
Trivia Challenge Committee
Pendergast, Linda
Emanuel, Joseph
The purpose of this committee is to plan and implement the Trivia Challenge Event scheduled for February 23, 2017.
Veterans Remembrance
Van Winkle, Carol
This committee plans and implements recognition of Veterans for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July.